Off the grid (almost) honeymoon, Ninamu, French Polynesia

People have quite high expectations for their honeymoon. It has to be romantic and somewhere special where you normally wouldn’t go to. Most importantly, both of the halves should be entertained.

After some contemplation, this place for us was to be Tahiti, or more specifically a tiny little island called Ninamu in Tikehau.

On the world map it looks like something like that:


And if you zoom out, you get something like that:


Hence my point being, that it really is tiny. The attraction of Ninamu was obviously the remoteness, but also the fact that a lot of the activities on the island were included in the price of the stay. There was sailing, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, visit to the Eden island to dive for pearls, swims with mantra rays and dolphins. Ninamu itself has quite a unique vibe, with only six bungalows it’s Chris and his wife Greta who run the place with a couple of local guys Kaina and Noah and Cedric, all the way from France. My favourites where the two pit bulls that live on the island – Chop Chop and Astro. They loved lounging about on the beach and eating coconuts and sometimes chasing the little harmless black tip reef sharks that we ended up naming as “pet sharks” as they’d always hang about near the island. Here’s a little video of our stay.


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