Best of Israel I

What I like the most about Israel, is the falafel. It’s juicy, just the right size and it’s green inside. The best falafels I tasted can be found at Jaffa Port in a restaurant called ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. Even better is a falafel at midnight in a kebabs no, with tahini, spicy sauce in a pita bread with a huge selection of salads. Ina city called Akko, a man has managed to make a big name for himself as the best falafel maker in the whole country. Ask for Falafel Arfa when there and you’ll be guided at the right direction by all the locals.


Here’s a little falafel guide.


2 thoughts on “Best of Israel I

  1. triiin says:

    Thank you – great that you find it useful! I was very pleasantly surprised on how different falafels were there – you’ll enjoy!

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