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Top 10 advice from Mrs. Moneypenny’s Career Advice for Ambitious Women.

It sometimes good to read books directed to women, particularly when it’s specially tailored advice for us on how to be ourselves, but become better. Below are some points of advice I picked up on Mrs. Moneypenny’s book, which I do recommend to read.
1. It is important to be to good with numbers;
2. Building a network is essential to ones career;
3. One needs to prioritise and find a balance between personal and professional obligations;
4. Degrees make you confident and more credible;
5. Be useful to others;
6. Keep in touch with people that can be your reference;
7. Have a Third Dimension, something that makes you stand out;
8. Hair matters;
9. Read FT, or at least carry it around with you;
10. It is never too late.

To find out more about the book, do read this article too.


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