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Tara Smith – Tested on Celebrities

Couple of weeks ago my little sister sent me a link to an article about chemicals that should not be in ones beauty products – mainly parabens, which according to some sources have been linked to breast cancer, and SLSs ( sodium lauryl sulfate), which is also used in dish washing liquid, produces a lot of foam, but also hinders hair growth and can lead to a dry scalp, Petrolatum (or Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil, Paraffin) a by product of oil industry, which creates a filmy layer on the skin giving the impression that the skin is silky and moisturised at the same time disrupting the metabolism of the skin and finally silicone (or dimethicone, dimethicolon), which stays on the surface of the hair, hindering moisturising through the air, causing dryness and breakage of the hair.image
I should be a chemist to be able to explain it all, which I unfortunately am not, however I prefer to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in my skincare, so I started going through all the creams hair products that I have. Turns out that even though I have been relatively selective with my products, quite a few still have the above mentioned chemicals in their ingredients list, for example Body Shop, l’Occidental and Kérastase.


Tara Smith’s at M&S in Oxford Street

There were couple of bottles of shampoo and conditioner, which were given to me for Christmas and I hadn’t used until now, which stood out during my inventory – Tara Smith’s products.As my partner was complaining of itchy scalp and Kérastase hadn’t done magic this time, I suggested he used it and it works. I’ve switched to TS’s for now and I have to say that my hair does feel softer and healthier. Downside of TS’s seems to be that the products are relatively expensive (£10 for 250ml) and difficult to get hold of – in the UK they’re sold only at M&S and only in selected stores! As I adore parrots, I might stick to it for some time. If you do know any other paraben, SLS free products, please do share!


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