Snow, Standstill in London

I thought it would never see the snow fall onto the ground in London. Apparently it has happened before, but I have never been around to see it. So yesterday it snowed, and oh boy it snowed big time. Walking in central London was amazing, powdery snow was falling on the ground, some, like me, were sliding away on the street and few crazy ones even laid on the ground in the middle of the street to make snow angels. Along with the fun in the snow came the chaos in the London transport. Not having luck with buses or taxis, we tried the tube. Even if most of trains were suspended, after a couple of changes, we did get closer to where we wanted to get to. When normally people on the tube are grumpy and avoid any sort of eye contact, then last night people were singing in unison the ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ loud and proud and smiling! It felt like a shame to leave.

Once out of the tube, we needed a taxi, we really needed a taxi. And there were none. Or there would have been one in an hour or so. We started waving and begging and eventually one of the drivers showed some mercy and took us on. He was telling us, how the snow takes away all their businesses, even there were many people like us, who really wanted to get home for a cup of tea, the roads of London become dangerous and taxi drivers would rather not risk getting stuck in small streets or denting their car and have a day off instead. Although he did say to take the risk that night, because he needed the money. Oh well. Snow, anyway, I love you!


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