Feed 5000 people @ Trafalgar Square

Last Friday I had a pleasant stroll to Trafalgar Square, as it had come to my knowledge that a few NGOs, with the initiative of a young writer had come together to feed 5000 people in two hours in the middle of London for free. You’re thinking, there isn’t such a thing like free lunch, is there? Well, in all fairness, the idea of the event was to raise awareness on the issues many of us already know of, but don’t actively do much about it. Main message was, that we waste too much, even before the food reaches the shops from where we could buy it. The lunch, for example, was prepared by ingredients, mainly vegetables, that otherwise would have not been used, as they wouldn’t have fit the cosmetic standards of supermarkets. In addition to the free curry queue, there was a queue that took people to mountains of carrots and potatoes, rejected by supermarkets, where everyone could help bag the vegetables to be sent to homeless shelter across London. Not sure if this was what people were expecting though by entering that queue.  In addition to that, there was another queue, to get a glass of ‘rejected’ apple juice and another one to feed the residue of preparing the juice to a happy pig, who had temporarily settled on the square. Lots of passers-by were happy, tourists were happy, the pig was happy and I was happy too, so perhaps we all learnt that there isn’t a true need to reject wonky carrots against all the standard ones. Perhaps sometimes it would even bring some excitement to the dinner-table and anyhow shouldn’t I have right to choose the type of carrots I want to eat?


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