The island of Slowing Down The Time

So, as I didn’t quite realize before,  August is the time of the year, when people like to go away. Preferably to a nice sunny warm place for holidays (Meaning: Days free from work that one may spend at leisure, especially a day on which custom or the law dictates a halting of general business activity to commemorate or celebrate a particular event.). Being one of the many, I followed the same path. It happened that one morning in August I opened my eyes on a warm sunny island called Bozcaada. It’s Greek name is actually Tenedos and what took me there in the first place is what it’s famous for > wine. Not something you’d go to Turkey for, eh? The little island, roughly triangular is shape and 39 km2   in size, is full of for vineyards. One can taste the local wine in one of the many restaurants at the only village on the island, which feels I would say .. fellinesque. Cobbled streets, dim lights, barber shops, cats and dogs hanging about and not letting themselves be bothered by those occasional calls for prayers. The little fact, that it was Ramadan just as I was there, wasn’t obvious at all. The restaurants were plentiful of people and no-one seemed to say ‘no’ to a sip of wine.
Accommodated at a little pansion Gülerada I had the pleasure to have a great view across to vineyard to a beautiful quiet beach. I was very excited about the fact, that everything they offer at the breakfast table is ‘home-made’. The cheese from their goats, the eggs from the happy chicken roaming about and the jam from the fruit next door and the watermelons from the garden.
Talking about local wine ,well. They’re very proud of their local grapes kuntra, vasilaki, karalahna and cavus and the main wine producers are Corvus, Camlibag, Gülerada 🙂 and Talay. And not being an expert, I’d say that some of them tasted really quite nice, whilst others had a slight note of vinegar.

For those of you having more interest in Bozcaada wines, I’ve grouped some links below:
Corvus, wines from Bozcaada
Çamlıbağ winery
Talay winery
Gülerada wines and jaaaaam
The island recession forgot

Must say though, there’s no place other like Booo-cz-aa-daa.


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