Mr. Tube driver – you’ve made my day

On a grim day, a grim day like this, it’s pretty tricky to keep an upbeat spirit. End of the working day, gray skies, rain, down the escalator to take the tube and it’s packed. Massively. You get in, relief. And then you hear through the microphone ‘Dear passengers, I know it’s common sense, but pleeease do not obstruct the doors and let other passengers out, otherwise we’re just not going anywhere.’ Before exiting at the next, the busiest station of London Underground,  he says ‘Dear passengers, I would just like to thank you for your amazing cooperation on this journey. We were experiencing some problems in other stations, but you lot were absolutely brilliant!’ Me and quite a few others went out to the gray with a light grin .. What a pleasant journey. Made me even look up some facts about the Underground.


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