Why I love London?

Quick and easy answer: lots of happening for someone who likes the word ‘random’ and loves the unexpected. As it happened, on Sunday I was happily strolling along Little Venice, when I spotted a crayfish chilling in the water. And I even took a picture. After a slight admiration in fact, I felt rather spiritual and as one does on a Sunday – I spotted a church and of course wanted to pay a visit. I did hear a slight noise from outside…

… but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience.


The entrance of the church had been decorated with balloons, people from various parts of Africa standing outside  wearing glossy white robes and there stood a lady in a colorful dress and had a marvelous hair decoration. ‘We’re celebrating the church’s anniversary, everyone’s welcome to join. Come in!’ And there I was – it felt like in movies, but it was actually just here, in London.  Balloons, costumes, non-alcoholic malt beer, spicy food and drums, several and loooud, singing, cheers and smiles.  That’s not what going to church is about, I’ve always thought. But am glad one can preach differently. Halleluujah!


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