My relation with public transport and taxis in Tallinn.

This has nothing to do with environment. Or slightly. Transport. This early morning I was waiting for a bus in Merivälja, an area pretty far off from central Tallinn. As I’m pretty skilled with missing trains, buses and all that sorts, I made sure I had two alarms and oh boy, I even checked the bus schedule. So 6.30am, I’m standing there, 4 minutes to wait, brilliant. 6.31am, 6.32am .. 33, 34 (yes, it must be late!) .. 36..38..40…Right, I’m calling a taxi. Luckily, I only had 1 number. ‘Hi, I’d like to get a taxi to Merivälja.’ Silence. ‘Sorry, we haven’t got any near by. (and SHE HANGS UP!). Right, not that I’m a potential customer, who is about to miss her ferry. Plan B – I start checking the taxi numbers on the taxis that go past. I catch one  number, I ring. ‘Hi, could I get a taxi to Merivälja, please.’ ‘Sorry, there are none there and most likely won’t be going any either.’ At least she didn’t hang up straight away. So, is this about having customers or the convenience of taxi drivers or are their rates really so low that it isn’t worthy to make the ride? Whatever, I took the risk (didn’t have much choice), waited for the next bus and made it on the ferry as the last person. Perhaps I’m spoilt, as there is a bus/tube running after every few minutes in London (and if it’s more than 5, I become impatient), but come on, at least stick to the schedule.


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