How to spend a nice, but productive Sunday? Make some jam!

This morning I went for a little jog along the Thames. However, I had a hidden agenda. My friend Sarah had told me about these brambles that one can find next to the river towards the autumn time that are just there for anyone to pick. Well, it’s only 1st of August, but worth a try, right.  After I’d noticed a couple of people in the bushes I knew: they’re there. The brambles are ripe.

A few hours later it was me and Sarah, who were the ones fighting the stinging nettles whilst crawling in the thorny bushes. Between the two of us, we managed to pick 2,4 kg of brambles out of which we made 5 jars of jam, baked a huge bramble crumble, put some into the freezer and left a whole bowl in the fridge for the morning. We spent around 40p for the sugar and some moments of our time picking the brambles and Sarah decorating the jars. So if one is feeling slightly crafty, lacks the 5 fruit a day, doesn’t have a garden and wants to do something nice on a Sunday – go have a have a bramble I’d say! There’s plenty.

I’m now very proud to present the result of the Sunday bramble day: our very own Triin & Sarah Bramble Jam from 1st of August 2010  (It actually tastes real!).


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