Glasto Virgin

So I’ve done it. I have just returned from my first Glastonbury ever and I do hope there are more to follow. My skin is burnt and I am content to be loading myself with fruit and veg again, as I passed the whole week on chips, pasties and English breakfasts.  I figure Glastonbury is a wonderful fairy tale come true, everyone deserves to experience one. There are too many words to say, but for the moment, I cannot really think of anything more ‘peace-love-and-happiness’ than Glasto. Have a look at some images instead.

PLH (Peace Love Happiness)
Can you imagine, you chill out under sunny skies, listening to music, sign a petition on the side or work at a bar and get all your wages donated to a charity. Oxfam, Wateraid, Greenpeace and many other charities were all present. I signed a petition, worked for Environmental Justice Foundation and got a fake WaterAid tattoo. Wild, eh. Even if one didn’t mean to support a charity, one still did. The Greenfields also gave an opportunity to learn more about zero carbon everything. One could learn how to build an eco friendly house, learn how fairtrade works or cycle on a bike to produce electricity and get a cup of tea in return.

One of the most powerful moments of the festival was when England scored 1 nil and everybody was watching the match from the screens next to Pyramid stage. I felt like a was at an Estonian folk song festival. Was completely opposite watching the England Germany match couple days later when England did not so great.

Oh boy there was lots of it. However, there was a great recycling team put in place. I know I made friends with one of them.

40 years ago hippies paid 1 pound to go to a music festival in Glastonbury. Now there are thousands of non-hippies who have joined them.

There were a lot of 'Happy Birthdays' sung at Glasto village.

It must feel amazing to organise a party for almost 200,000 people. Great job Michael Eavis and co. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to take this snap.

That’s what we ate. Every single morning.

And that’s how tired everyone felt in the end. Life’s a flower. Peace y’all. And by the way, it did not rain!


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