Pregnant women die in front of Liverpool St. station!?

Today it’s all about the women. Suppose the lesson learnt this week-end was, how easily one can make an impact on something one feels strongly about. Quite randomly, I took part in a demo in front of Liverpool Street station in London, as part of a campaign launched by the White Ribbon Alliance to raise awareness on women dying in childbirth and the need for more qualified health workers in the world. There were around 100 of us and with only couple of hours of preparation, not really knowing what we would be doing, we walked to the station and delivered the message ‘safe childbirth for women everywhere’ and got 250 people to sign postcards for UK’s political leaders. I had the pleasure to carry the letter ‘E’ from ‘WOMEN.’ It was such a simple action we did, but it felt beautiful to walk along the street in a big group, make people curious and get them to stop and try to figure out from the huge letters, what we were trying to say. With there being many people, who took photos, there was also somebody, who got us into the news. Read the story here. Guess that’s how one makes things happen? Below a bit of visuals from the day. Happy Women’s Day everybody – we rock! But let’s not forget – equality – men do as well. 


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