Landscape In Flux – Climate refugees .

Since I’ve lived in England, I have broken about 5 umbrellas. The result is obvious – I just refuse to use one now. So it happened, that last Thursday I had the very appropriate occasion to walk through heavy rain to hear the talk by Peter Kessler from UNHCR and representatives of Environmental Justice Foundation on climate refugees, accompanied by Stuart Franklin‘s photography exhibition. Not surprisingly, I made a grand entry looking like a sad little wet poodle. The volunteers of EJF kindly offered some paper towels and the organic red wine aside created a heavenly bliss to hear the talk. After the talk, suppose what I could conclude is, that the climate refugees are very unlikely to receive as warm of a welcome escaping from dreadful weather as I did this miserably wet Thursday evening. A question raised, among others, was, where are the people of Nauru or Niue, as examples,  going to go, when their countries go underwater? The key point emphasized by EJF is, that the climate refugees don’t come under the international protection of what the term ‘refugee’ stand now. What the EJF is aiming to do, is to call “the governments and political leaders for a new agreement on environmental refugees, guaranteeing them rights and assistance and a fair claim to our shared world.” I recommend you watch their short film ‘No Place Like Home’. All in all, it was a lovely Thursday evening and by the end of little wonders along the best bits of Old Street area, I got back home dry and content.  However, on this note, at the end of March I am going to listen to a chap called James Lovelock, who argues that catastrophe is inevitable, carbon offsetting is a joke and ethical living a scam.


2 thoughts on “Landscape In Flux – Climate refugees .

    • triiin says:

      Dear Polentone, of course, it’s 63 Gee Street in Magnum Print room in London. With love from Slovakia, Pavel.

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