Friends of MSF Charity Run 2010

On New Year’s Eve I gave myself 2 resolutions (and felt quite like Bridget Jones): 1. to stop drinking beer (doesn’t sound lady like at all) and 2. to  lose 3 kilos (I do sound like Bridget Jones!). I have kept the first one and as part of achieving my second one: I am going to do a charity run! Since I came to London in September, I have managed to start going jogging at Regent’s Park more or less consistently. However, to keep up my motivation to drag myself into this happily gray UK weather reality in the mornings I am challenging myself with 10 whole kilometers (apparently it’s not a lot?!) on 14th of March at Regent’s Park.

The run is organised to raise funds for an international humanitarian medical aid charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres which is currently working in around 60 countries around the globe. Some of their recent efforts have been directed towards the earthquake in Haiti and the ongoing unrest in Sudan. Please feel free to look at the video below to learn more about their work. For now, we are 250 runners fund-raising for MSF and if you feel you want to support this amazing initiative, please go to JustGiving to our joint sponsorship page and support those in need and the sweaty Triin. Those who can should come for a cheer and a stroll (me being hopeful) in a lovely sunny spring-time weather.


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