Creating the rainforest on Portobello road

This week-end took me on a sunny stroll to Portobello Market. As I have the obsession of wandering off to hidden streets and places ‘less known’ I found myself at the very end of Portobello road, in front of one lonely stall that read Rainforest Creations. Yet, it was wonderful. The greenness, unfamiliar mixes and massive cakes seemed extremely inviting. Helen, who is originally from Eritrea, but has lived most of her life in Rome (aa, parli Italiano, si si!), was very friendly and happily explained to me, that their food is prepared in cooperation of a German and a Carribean chef. Everything I saw, was uncooked (even the cakes!) and they use coconut oil for all their produce. I bought three of their cakes, one was made of pumpkin (my mom’s favourite), another of beetroot and I am very sure, that the third one was made of hemp. Going to try out their lunch box and rotis next time and so should you (:

From 4th of March they can be found here


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