Hello world!

I very much like the sound of this so warm and open WordPress ‘Hello’ that I might as well keep it.

So what am I doing here, sort of attempting to start yet another one of those endless blogs? Let us begin from the moment that ‘triggered’ me into it. Last Friday I was sitting on the floor of Primark at Oxford Circus London for two very long and painful hours, waiting for my guests from Estonia, who were shopping away. As I was sitting there (asking myself, what am I doing here?!), observing people buying numerous amounts of cheap socks, bags, underwear, shoes .. (you name it, I’m sure it was there!) the battery of my iPhone died and I came across this magazine that I had taken from London Fashion Week stall next to my university. Well and believe it or not, the main content of this magazine focused on bringing across the idea that ‘green is the new black’ and one should learn to invest in more expensive, but personal and better quality clothing.    And there I was, sitting in Primark. I do admit, I am not a saint and I have bought things from there, but even more, I have tried to figure out, how to be more aware of where the things I consume, come from.
Hence, I have decided, that this little blog shall be my little space to upload information and talk about things and people that do the ‘new black’ thing. Yes, first post, I have managed to keep a promise and planning to continue doing so!


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