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Zanzibar – Seaweed Centre

In a relatively small village of Paje, next to emerald sea and annoyingly pure white sand, there is the Seaweed Center, where local women have been trained to produce soaps, creams and body scrub out of their local seaweed, which can be planted and collected when the tide is low. All 100% natural, with beeswax, lemongrass and other pleasant ingredients complimenting the seaweed.



Goe oil

Probably most Interesting compliment I’ve received is the one heard couple of days ago. Apparently my hair looks a lot better now than on my passport photo taken 8 years ago. Even if perhaps slightly exagerrated, I blame it all on Goe Oil, which I got from Liberty’s for a huge price of 30 pounds. Goe oil can be used as hairmask, and also put all over the body. It’s the perfect winter cream, but also good for summer and will save some space in your bag. Did I say it’s
100 per cent natural ingredients?



Look at greenery

Recently went to an internal comms session where I learnt that looking at greenery makes one more productive. One study even claims that call-centre employees work 6-12 per cent harder with a good view to greenery and office workers who glimpse a tree or two are both more productive and happier.


So then, does looking at the image above make you any happier yet?



‘Tok-tok’ is the usual familiar sound one hears when visiting the beaches of Israel. It’s Matkot – a game where two players hit a rubber ball with wooden rackets as many times as possible without dropping it. When you’re local, you’re probably used to it. When you’re not a local, you look for nice and quiet ‘tok-tok’-less beaches. Beit Yanai, north from Tel Aviv, is the place to go. Peaceful, absolutely gorgeous beach for collecting seashells and munching some aubergine with tahini and seafood at their cosy beach restaurant.


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